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We Do Everything Business & Home Services, Inc., started nearly thirty years ago by Warren Merrill, President.

Commencing as a whole sale builder, I bought, held and sold many properties throughout the United States from Florida to New York, Atlanta to Minneapolis and Boise to the beautiful Pacific North West! I know and understand; you are only as good as your help, I am very passionate and hands on, I have a great staff here and I am very pleased; working retail with my clients here in the Pacific North West, in which I have called home for ten years now and not leaving anytime soon, I love it here!

Warren is passionate about getting the job done right, the first time. He opines to his employees within the business “do it right the first time, if not, then just stay home”.

Kent is a veteran to the construction industry, he has over thirty years experience and fifteen years experience as a certified electrician. He is Warren’s number one employee and they make a valuable team, Warren always says “you are only as good as your help,” Kent’s title is Field Superintendant and Electrician. Kent currently lives in Vancouver and is a loving family man.

Warren appreciates all of their dedication to a job well done. Come and get to know us as an elite organization and results driven team, every day of every year. Our initial meeting is complimentary.

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